Photo Magnets




- 4"x4" photo print in a black plastic frame with a magnetic back
- Sticks to any metallic surface
- 1 hour printing at your local Walgreens or mail order
- Easily crop your pictures
- Free unlimited photo storage


About Custom Magnets

Bored of ordinary printed photos? Looking for something that says .. ‘I LOVE this photo’? Look no further, we have what you need. Custom photo magnets are the perfect way to create a little something special with a very cool picture.

The square format of our magnet is perfect for any Instagram photo. The magnet in general is an ideal way of printing your favorite pictures of the kids, grandkids, nieces, pets ... (nothing better than a dog photo as a magnet!)

Where can I put my magnet?

These picture magnets are perfect for any metallic surface:

On the fridge of course! Funk up that refrigerator with a mosaic of photo magnets using several different photos. Choose photos from one event, or a bunch of random photos that remind you of a special time.

Spruce up the inside of your school locker with a photo of your school sweetheart in a magnetic frame. You’ll be all a flutter every time you reach in for your books.

Jazz up that dishwasher - yes it has a metallic front too! Your picture magnet will also adhere to this home appliance and make it look as beautiful as your photo.

Decorate the office! Your personalized magnet will stick to your filing cabinets with ease.

Turn your photo collage into a photo magnet

What's more, you can now turn your 4x4 photo collage into a magnet! Just add your collage to your basket and a message will appear asking if you'd like to turn your photos into a magnet - just like MAGIC!

Made in the USA, and starting at just $6.99 each, pick up your custom magnets at Walgreens on the same day, or order your magnet to be delivered to your home.

This product is our very favorite photo gift. They are awesome for soooo many reasons! But we also do photo books. Also great fun to make, and you can get so many more photos in that one gifts.

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