Photo Collages




- Printed on Kodak Xtralite or Fuji Crystal Archive paper 
- Glossy or matte finish
- 1 hour printing at your local Walgreens or mail order
- Easily crop your pictures
- Free unlimited photo storage


About Photo Collage Prints

Photo collages are great for sharing online with your friends and family. There are some great photo apps out there to help you do this. However, ours is better 😜.

With Photo Print by Pictarine, not only can you create a collage with your photos, but you can also print them and given as a gift, or put out on display at home.

How to make a collage

Create a stunning collage with a group of photos using the Photo Print app. There are 4 different collage templates to choose from, each with room for 4 of your best snaps. 

Pick the perfect pictures and then arrange them in the template as you wish. Add cool effects with our amazing photo filters and editing tools. Save and share your collage to your phone or add it to your cart to be printed.

How do I choose my photos?

Choosing which photos you are going to put in your collage is the best and hardest part of the process. You have so many great shots, which ones do you choose?

You can start by choosing photos that you took on the same day, or that are from the same event or special occasion. Or, why not choose your favorite photos of your kids, son or daughter? You can also make a family photo collage 1 photo of each member of your family. Or how about a seasonal family portrait? Choose your best family picture from each season of the year: spring break, summer vacation, fall walks, the winter holidays.

The possibilities are endless!

What can I do with my Photo Collage?

A picture collage is a great gift for your bestie, they also look great on the fridge, taped to the wall with a bit of fancy washi tape, added to a scrapbook, put on the pinboard at home, framed, and gosh soooo much more! Photos are just so versatile.

Photo Print Tip

Change the size of your collage to 8x8” in your shopping cart to print it bigger! Find out how to use our app to print your collage in other print sizes on our blog: App Hack #1

Printed collages start at just 39¢ each! What a great deal!

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